Paris Fashion: Seen on the Streets of Paris

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Originating in Scotland, brogues have been adopted by Parisian women for me to see all over the streets of Paris. Almost a Paris fashion uniform in the City of Light, brogues are frequently worn. They’re chic, versatile and comfortable, and much like other classic-shaped accessories (the Cambridge satchel, for example), this countryside shoe can be reinvented in neon and metallic to immediately update a look. Also, during a summer when it rains often, and sandals aren’t always an option, brogues are a great way to tackle the unpredictable weather of Paris.

The most classic brogues for 2013 come in brown leather: there were numerous women wearing these simple and versatile brogues with their denim jeans. I, though, was attracted by the more interesting materials and colors. I loved the cream, dipped-in-lavender brogues, very romantic and paired with Missoni trousers. Brogues in fabric also caught my eye, and I really enjoyed the use of plimsoll, a material used for sports shoes, for such a classic shoe shape.

I saw metallics and neons mainly at night, and there was a charming pair of light tan brogues that belonged to an owner of a bike.

Take a leaf from the stylebook of Paris fashion and invest in this staple—what kind of brogues will you get?

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