Paris Fashion: A Night at the Opera

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A Night at the Paris Opera

Take a step back into old-world glamour. A night at the Paris opera is not only a luxurious and sophisticated affair but the perfect opportunity to try out a refined and classical look inspired by Paris fashion. Whether you’re seeing the beautiful ballet Swan Lake or the time-honored piece Carmen, blend into the opulence in effortless style.

When opting for an elegant, glamorous look, it is important to remember that all sensuality is implied. Above-the-knee skirts and low-rise tops are best kept for a more casual environment. Instead try a peek of décolletage with an off-the-shoulder dress, or a tastefully cut open-back piece. Colors should also reflect a subtle sophistication. Subdued metallic hues or rich jewel tones are unanimously flattering and complementary. In our night at the Paris opera look, we paired a deep amethyst cocktail dress with soft champagne-colored accent pieces to emit a warm, eye-catching glow. A warm cashmere shawl is a great, practical addition to a look on a cool spring night. Grab anything from a cute clutch to that perfect shade of lipstick from any French design house, such as YSL, Dior, Chanel or Givenchy, to complete your classic Paris fashion–inspired look.

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