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Dior, Saint Laurent, Chanel. Fashion that sounds oh so Paris. But with blazers priced at more than 1,000 euros, there are very few women, even in Paris, who can afford to stock their closets with these iconic brands. The truth is that very few Parisiennes own these international designers, and it’s not just about the budget. One of the keys to Parisienne chic is developing one’s own style, which means finding those little-known designers that not everyone else is wearing. This can make shopping for Paris fashion quite fun. But it also means that it can take ages to find the right pieces, and it will involve a certain amount of luck. What’s a girl to do?

Paris fashion: a necklace by Alice Hubert

Necklace by Alice Hubert.

The team at L’Exception has found the solution: a one-stop shop full of well- and lesser-known independent designers that you can access from your living room. L’Exception is an e-boutique headquartered in Paris that stocks French clothing, accessories, shoes, fragrances and cosmetics. The team behind L’Exception has been in the fashion biz for years, helping Parisiennes look stylish, and now, with a newly launched website, it can deliver across the globe.

L’Exception represents 160 designers, from famous names like Martin Margiela and his MM6 collection to Gaspard Yurkievich. Gaspard who? Exactly! His name has not yet made it to the international circuit, but I have yet to meet a Parisienne who doesn’t recognize his name. Shopping at L’Exception ensures that you’ll be shopping like the busy professional Parisiennes who make up much of its clientele.

Paris fashion: rings by Monsieur Paris

There is also an impressive collection of local jewelry designers creating pieces at studios in neighborhoods like Oberkampf and the Marais. It was thanks to L’Exception that I discovered the work of Nadia Azoug of Monsieur Paris and the fragile-looking rings that launched her career. I also stumbled across the cheerfully provocative Alice Hubert, with her mockingly colorful creations.

Not in the mood to shop? The group at L’Exception has a stunning collection of look books, which serve as virtual magazines with photo shoots stylized by artists from across the globe. And because L’Exception’s designers are its pride and joy, an entire page is devoted to featuring each one and his or her life in fashion. Of course there is more to life than fashion. L’Exception also carries a carefully curated collection of books that come from the prestigious design bookstore 0fr. These include gorgeous coffee table–style books with titles like I Wanna Be Me, Dennis Hopper and The Givenchy Files.

Paris Fashion photo of a styled out women

Thanks to a new partnership between the Girls’ Guide to Paris and L’Exception, Girls’ Guide readers receive free shipping on any order that totals more than 200 euros. Just use the code GG2PFree. And, if you are a Girls’ Guide to Paris Travel Club member, you’ll receive a 10 percent discount on all purchases from L’Exception. What’s the next best thing to a trip to Paris? A package arriving on your doorstep that has been packed with care from the City of Light.

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Alice Hubert’s L’Exception necklace

Editor’s note: For more fashion, check out L’Exception’s magazine and website. And don’t forget to use the code GG2PFree to receive free shipping worldwide if you purchase more than 200 euros in merchandise. If you are a Girls’ Guide to Paris Travel Club member, you’ll receive 10 percent off any purchase. Learn more.

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