When you were little did you ever dream of a true winter wonderland, a Christmas fantasy where elves were busy working on your toys? Now you are grown up and all that is forgotten but there is a place where that sense of Christmas magic can still be found. That place is the Alsace region of France, home of Castles, Rieslings, the Vosges mountains and charming Christmas markets. Join Girls’ Guide to Paris for its Ladies Only Alsatian Trip next November & early December, 2020 to experience this seasonal wonderland and sample some of the most delicious and unique wines you’ve ever had.

The GG2P Difference 

  • Our specialty is Ladies-only trips in regions that are handpicked by Girls’ Guide to Paris founder Doni Belau using local expert guides and instructors.
  • Our trips are small and all guided by our founder. Size varies between 6 and 12 with the norm being 6-8.
  • Demographics? We have ladies who take our trips anywhere from age 23 to 83. Its the mix of women from different countries and at different points in their lives that I believe makes our trips so special.
  • Travel alone or with a friend. More than 60% of our trip goers are single women traveling alone, we want to make this experience easy and fulfilling. Most ladies come from English speaking countries or are expats. US/Canada/Australia are the main three but we do get some from elsewhere like Tokyo, Vienna or Brazil but we all speak English.
  • We mix it up! Unlike other trips that just offer cooking, adventure, history, shopping or wine-tasting – we do a little bit of everything.
  • On our Alsace trip we’ll learn about this stunningly charming area that regularly went back and forth between German and French occupation over the years finally ending as a French territory in 1918 before going back to Germany during the war.
  • Our philosophy is to delve deep into the German/French spirit of the region, meeting as many locals as we can during our stay. We do not believe in rushing around to a different spot and packing up each day, rather during this stay we’ll be in just two locations and we will explore the region from both the north and the south making the trip that much more relaxing.
  • We’ll visit some of the most beautiful villages in Alsace, we’ll head up into the Vosges mountains to visit a farm.
  • Wake up to warm croissants, meet a local wine maker and raise a glass of reisling to toast your newly made friends.
  • Gourmet meals and wines are chosen based on demanding “foodie” tastes and include high-quality local ingredients made with passion. All but one meal is included.
  • This GG2P trip will be hosted by Doni Belau, and her team of local resident experts and will include a pub crawl around Mulhouse.
  • For this trip, we are excited to announce that we’ll be staying at two very special, unique and homey Auberges. Check dates/price/pix page for the links to both hotels.

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