The Magic of Paris

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Photos by Georgianna Lane

We can talk about Paris and her beauty until we are blue in the face. We can speak in hushed tones about the perfect croissant, the city’s thousand-plus years of history, the rose-flavored macarons and that perfect Louboutin heel. But nothing captures the magic of Paris as quickly and vividly as a few perfect images of the City of Light.

A blue bike parked outside Hôtel le Meurice, best Paris Tours, Tour guide Paris

A blue bike parked outside Hôtel le Meurice.

Guided Tours of Paris, Best Paris Tours, Paris Building

A view of her white limestone buildings.

Paris, pretty in pink

Pretty in pink.

Montmartre, Tour Guide Paris, Walking Tours in Paris

In Montmartre, the pink of la Maison Rose has been well photographed.

red metro signs in Paris, Paris Tours, Tour Guide Paris

One of the red metro signs around town.

Flowers in Paris, Best Paris Tours, Tour Guide Paris

Flowers are a must in Paris.

The Pont Marie, Short Term Rental Paris, Best Paris Tours

The Pont Marie is right by my house and always charming.

Golden windows at Versailles, Paris, Guided Tours of Paris

Golden windows at Versailles.

A Paris valentine, walking tours in Paris, Provence Tour

A Paris valentine.

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Georgianna Lane is a magically talented photographer. Enjoy her blog or own one of her photos!

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