Loire Valley Castles

September 22-28 • 7 Days/6 Nights • $4195*

September 22-28, 2020 $4295

On this tour you’ll be staying at some the finest hotels in the region.

Our first hotel is situated in part of a nearly 1000 year old Abbaye, imagine chic monastery-style modern minimalism in an ancient setting. This austere peaceful beauty will blow-your-mind!

The second hotel (seen above) is a family owned 4-star Chateau that feels much more like a 5-star. Chateau de la Tortinière enjoys a lovely bar, a billiard room with fireplace, and an outdoor pool as well as very tastefully decorated rooms and an excellent restaurant.

And finally you’ll end up at the Relais de Chambord, another 4-star hotel with the most amazing views of Chambord Castle that one can possibly imagine. Its been written up by Elle Decor and is at once both cozy and chic.

On this tour we’ll be eating at gastronomic restaurants, including a Michelin star experience. This is one of our most luxurious tours in 2020 which is why the price is set at $4295 per person. I guarantee you’ll feel like a princess throughout the tour. Should you wish to share with a friend or someone else on our tour, we can reduce your rate by at around $500.

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