Normandy & Brittany Fall Harvest Gourmet Tour

Warm cheese and baguettes; just part of our feasts for the GG2P Brittany and Normandy tour

October 10–16, 2018  •  7 Days  •  $4195*



The magical lands north of Paris which we call Normandy and Brittany have a food and farming culture all their own. This region historically was greatly influenced by the Celtics, the Vikings the Romans and the English dating back thousands of years and the Breton and Norman cultures remain strong and proud. The region is known worldwide for its crêpes and galettes, its alcoholic cider, calvados and pear liqueur and of course for its seafood and sweets. During autumn there are countless food and harvest festivals celebrating shrimp, scallops, cider, apples, cheese and much much more. We’ll try to attend as many as possible as we follow our nose and our tastebuds through this tempting and beautiful region.

The GG2P Difference 

  • Our specialty is Ladies-only trips in regions that are handpicked by Girls’ Guide to Paris founder Doni Belau using local expert guides and instructors.
  • We mix it up! Unlike other trips that just offer cooking, adventure, history, shopping or wine-tasting – we do a little bit of everything.
  • On our Brittany and Normandy trip we’ll experience markets, briny seafood and savour local ciders and Calvados.
  • Our philosophy is to delve deep into the spirit of the region, meeting as many locals and farmers producing artisanal products as we can during our stay
  • We’ll visit some of the most beautiful villages in this stunning region and we’ll attend a myriad of fall festivals.
  • Wake up to warm croissants, learn how they harvest salt and raise a glass of champagne to toast your newly made friends.
  • Gourmet meals and wines are chosen based on demanding “foodie” tastes and include high-quality local ingredients made with passion.
  • This GG2P trip will be hosted by Doni Belau, and her team of resident experts all throughout the region.

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