French Culture: A French Holiday at Home

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There’s something about this singsongy season that adds a little sparkle to life. There’s also something that yields chaos and minimal sleep. Since I personally can’t make it to the City of Light this time around, Girls’ Guide to Paris asked me to come up with some entertaining solutions that will also help those of you wanting to put a little French culture into your life during this holiday season—even if you will be staying home like me. These ideas are easy to pull off, giving you some much-needed time to destress without compromising your style.

Thanks to the help of wine experts at Dreadnought Wines, we’ve rounded up three selections that are perfect for any French-inspired get-together, or just simply to add flair to your Christmas parties. And to make your job even easier, we’re offering up three low-effort pairings, with no skimping on the taste!

I hope you enjoy our holiday video, and you can find the selection and pairing details below.

Affordable Selections at Dreadnought Wines
Château les Ancres of Bordeaux, $14
Bastille Chardonnay of Languedoc, $13
Monmousseau Brut Etoile of Loire, $17
(see link below for more details)

Fast Tips for Easy Pairings

If you don’t have time to make fresh tapenade, don’t fret! Premade tapenades are often just as good. We feature one from Trader Joe’s in our video.

You can top your cheese truffles with just about anything. Try gelée, chopped fresh fruit or balsamic glaze.

Don’t have time to make fresh crêpes? We didn’t either! Use premade crêpes from Whole Foods. We made our mini version with a cookie cutter and then spread Nutella on them.

Pro tip: You can take Girls’ Guide with you on your handheld! Our website, digital magazine and walking tours are all available for your mobile device.

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Affordable selections at Dreadnought Wines

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