Detox, Yoga & Discovery Retreat

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  • calender - Detox, Yoga & Discovery RetreatJan 13 – 18, 2022
  • globe - Detox, Yoga & Discovery RetreatHonduras
  • globe - Detox, Yoga & Discovery RetreatHonduras
  • calender - Detox, Yoga & Discovery RetreatJan 13 – 18, 2022
  • night - Detox, Yoga & Discovery Retreat6 Days/5 Nights
  • women - Detox, Yoga & Discovery Retreat8-12 Guests


Join us for a fresh start to 2022 on a wellness retreat in Roatán, a gorgeous Caribbean island about 40 miles off the northern coast of Honduras. After all the anxiety and fear that this last few years have produced, and the normal holiday over-indulgences, it’s the perfect way to rejuvenate our minds, bodies and spirits to prepare for an exciting new year. I’m thrilled to be hosting this women-only tour along with two close friends, Krista Stanley and Heide Shilstone, two of the best people you’ll ever meet and exceptional talents in unique wellness and spiritual modalities. (Their bio’s are below).

The secret art of inviting happiness

The miraculous medicine of all diseases

Just for today, do not anger

Do not worry and be filled with gratitude

Devote yourself to your work. Be kind to people.

Every morning and evening, join your hands in prayer.

Pray these words to your heart

and chant these words with your mouth.

– Reiki Founder Mikao Usui


  • We’re taking over The Beach House Hotel, a beautiful, 4-Star oasis situated directly on Half-Moon Bay.
  • Meeting Members of the Garifuna Tribe
  • Yoga and Meditation Daily
  • Snorkel through a ship-wreck and swim with sea turtles
  • Healthy, delicious food each day
  • Relax on the beach and swim in clear, clean, crystal blue waters
  • Swim with wild Dolphins or horseback ride on the beach
  • Taste Machuca, a classic Honduran soup
  • Relax fully with a Reiki session
  • Taste and make your own local chocolate
  • Try a new spiritual modality to open-up your mind
  • Savor Baleadas, Honduran tacos

Our extended weekend will focus on detoxing our minds, bodies and spirits as we learn more about ourselves. We will focus heavily on gratitude and will stretch our bodies as we stretch our minds.

If you’re worried about going to Honduras, don’t be. Roatán is a world unto itself without the political and poverty issues of the mainland. Roatán is one of the bay islands surrounded by the second largest reef system in the world. Snorkel directly out from our hotel’s bay through one of the most species-rich waters in the Caribbean in terms of both coral and fish …. aka dive and snorkel heaven!


Day 1 – January 13, Thursday

Arrive Mid-Day – Transfer from airport (included)

We’ll meet around noon or slightly later depending on your arrival for a healthy lunch at our hotel. We’ll chat and introduce ourselves and listen to a briefing about all the modalities offered during this long weekend as well as our schedule and the options that are available.

This afternoon will be at leisure on our beach or at the pool. This is one of the best places in the world to snorkel and the hotel has an excellent snorkel guide w/ gear included.

Appointments will be available between 2-4:00pm for a relaxing Reiki session with Heide our Reiki-master. Optional Jet Lag massage is also available (not included for $85).

Sunset Yoga on the Dock of our hotel with Julie Cook.

We’ll walk down the beach a bit for dinner at the Oasis, a fun local place which has live music on Thursday nights.

Day 2 – January 14, Friday

7am guided meditation

7:30 yoga

Breakfast at the hotel 8-10

This morning after breakfast we’ll have an Intention Discussion. We’ll be setting our intentions for our long weekend together. We will also discuss the process of Lightning Dreamwork – which allows those who desire to, to share their dreams over breakfast throughout the long weekend. Breakfast is a perfect time as people are gathered at tables and they often can still remember dreams from night before. What you can learn from your dreams is simply amazing!

Appointments available from 10-12 for Reiki.

Today we’ll visit to the Roatan Chocolate factory for a chocolate making class, trip and tasting to be followed by a light lunch at Hillside Coffee, a hyper-local experience.

This afternoon we’ll have an opportunity for either a horseback ride on the beach or perhaps a swim with Wild Dolphins. ($45 additional) NOTE: These dolphins are NOT kept in captivity, but return regularly to a calm bay because they are fed by trained naturalists.

Tonight at sunset, Krista will lead a Guided Group mediumship demonstration at our hotel. After this mind-blowing experience we’ll take a short 5-minute walk to Dinner at Pazzo, an island favorite for homemade pasta.

Day 3 – January 15, Saturday

7am guided meditation

7:30 yoga

Breakfast at the hotel 8-10

Appointments available from 10-12 for Reiki and/or a personalized Trance Mediumship Session with Krista

Pick your adventure day

Drive your own Dune Buggy Adventure

Discover Scuba (extra $45 – a whole day adventure)

Guided Snorkel Trip by Boat

Lunch to be included, location dependent on what adventure you select!

Late this afternoon after a rest at our hotel, we’ll head out by water taxi for a Sunset dream session with Krista followed by cocktails or mocktails at the idyllic Ibagari hotel. Dine in style at their well-known Luna Muna restaurant. Dancing on the beach WILL be encouraged!

Day 4 – January 16, Sunday

7am guided meditation

7:30 yoga

Breakfast at the hotel 8-10

Remaining appointments available for Reiki with Heide and/or a personalized Trance Mediumship Session with Krista

Today we are pleased to take you on a Whole Island Trip which will include:

A Sloth Sanctuary visit

a Zip Line Adventure

A Mangrove Kayak Trip with a moment to snorkel through an old stranded ship wreck

We’ll enjoy a late lunch of homemade Machuca (a tradition Honduran soup made of coconuts, plantains, shrimp and conch) while watching a local dance performance. There will be an opportunity at this time to meet members of the Garifuna Tribe.

Plus we’ll fit in some time to relax and while away the afternoon with a good book at the idyllic Camps Bay Beach.

Tonight Doni (GG2P Founder) will lead us in a Sunset Gratitude Ritual.

Dinner this evening won’t be far away. We’ll devour some local delicacies right on the dock of our hotel including some Baleadas, scrumptious Honduran tacos.

Day 5 – January 17, Monday

7am guided meditation

7:30 yoga

Breakfast at the hotel 8-10

Group Guided Past Life Regression with Heide which will include some Emotional Code work allowing trapped emotions to be released.

Picnic lunch on the go

Today we’ll enjoy a Kayak Eco Trip in nearby Sandy Bay and we’ll Snorkel at the Eel Garden in West Bay where we can see Turtles and Sting Rays. Finally we’ll have time to relax at the famous West End beach.

Back to hotel rest, pack and refresh.

Together we will create a Sunset Balinese Flower and Fire ritual on our dock at sunset, a heart-felt ritual that Ms. Belau learned while in Bali.

Tonight we’ll celebrate with a Beach BBQ in honor of new friend’s made as well as with gratitude for our bodies & minds returned to us relaxed, refreshed and ready for a powerful, positive and healthy New Year!

Day 6 – January 18, Tuesday

Meditation, Yoga + Breakfast & depart


Krista Stanley, PhD — Trance Medium, Lightning Dreamwork

Dr. Stanley was made aware of the ethereal realm of spirit as a child. After many years she felt compelled to reacquaint herself with the phenomena she experienced as a child. She embarked on a twelve year journey pursuing spirit through cultural understanding, religious belief, sacred practice, metaphysical philosophy and experiential research. In 2019 she received her doctorate of philosophy in Wisdom Studies. Her doctoral research included extensive work with evidential and trance mediumship. She studied with countless luminaries in the field, An essay she wrote, is to be included in the upcoming book Quantum Psyche II edited by G. Galli-Carminati and F. Carminati (who acts as the Chief Innovation Officer at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research)

Heide Shilstone, Reiki Master

Heide Shilstone is a Reiki Master, a certified past life regressionist, an Emotion Code practitioner and an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy”. So Reiki is actually “spiritually guided life force energy.” Heide first became interested in energy healing over twenty years ago when she experienced a transformative past life regression during an energy healing session. Heide found herself drawn to holistic healing and studied Reiki with nationally known Reiki master and author Brett Bevell of the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. Heide received her training in past life regression hypnosis from one of the early practitioners in the field, Saundra Blum, of Los Angeles, CA. Heide is also a certified practitioner of The Emotion Code system created by Dr. Bradley Nelson whereby she helps her clients release trapped emotions.

Heide customizes her energetic healing sessions depending on the needs of her clients. She finds that a common thread in all of her healing modalities is the ability to release energetic blocks and trapped emotions that are keeping her clients from achieving their best lives. Heide has helped clients of all ages deal with depression, anxiety, grief, anger, sadness, relationship issues, social anxiety, addictions and PTSD. Many people find relief from long standing physical ailments as well. For more information please go to

Karyn and Chuck, owners of The Beach House in Roatán, are former New Yorker’s who lived typical busy type-A lives in the city while dreaming of retiring “one day” to the Caribbean. When they purchased the hotel three years ago, they decided to not to wait for retirement and they made the jump. Both are big environmentalists and dive enthusiasts and relish creating bespoke and personal experiences for their guests.

Julie Cook, Yoga Instructor

The yoga is warm, the instructor is experienced, and the setting is simply blissful. Julie Cook, founder and creator of a very successful yoga studio back in the US, is now living her dream life on the island of Roatan with her husband. Through her yoga, she ensures that everyone feels connected and confident while sharing her knowledge, inspiring, and igniting your spirit through guided movement and breath work. Various forms of this ancient practice will be offered each morning to be followed by a guided meditation. Each class is customized to the bodies and experience in the room, or in this case on the dock.


Links to discover the various healing spiritual modalities offered during this retreat, plus safety FAQ’s are below.


Past Life Regression, one person’s experience.


Emotion Code

Safety of Roatan Island

Trip Cost

The trip ranges in cost, depending on the accommodation you select. (Please pick the category and price that works for you).

CATEGORY 1 – 106,000 Honduran Lempira – private suite & private bath –

CATEGORY 2 – 93,000 Honduran Lempira – shared suite w/ own bedroom & shared bath

CATEGORY 3 – 87,000 Honduran Lempira – shared suite w/ pull-out queen sofa bed & shared bath


  • * All our trips are organized and priced based on single occupancy at all the places we stay. If you’re traveling with a friend/relative, or would prefer to save some money by sharing a room, we can usually organize double occupancy and a reduction in cost.
  • * All our trips are priced in the home currency of the trip’s location; however, we will invoice you in the equivalent USD calculated at the exchange rate at the time of invoice.
  • Savings can be had if you choose to room with an old or new friend. Please inquire.
  • Interest-free payment plans are available, which can bring down your 4500-euro trip to just 375 euros a month depending on how far ahead you book. Please inquire.

What’s Included?

  • Yoga and Meditation daily
  • All means unless indicated
  • All lodging and transfer expenses
  • All transport on the island
  • All treatments or appointments with specialists unless indicated
  • All trips and experiences unless indicated.

What’s Not Included?

  • International airfare to Roatan
  • Travel and medical insurance (obligatory for anyone over 50 years of age)
  • Extra spa costs
  • Extra charges for certain activities.
  • Alcohol is not included on this trip (it normally is on our other our trips) because this is a detox retreat!! But you are welcome to imbibe as you wish.

I’m interested, so what do I do next?

If you have questions, press the Inquire Now button above, and complete the form. We’ll get back to you ASAP.

If you’d like to come, press the Reserve Now button above. You will be prompted to complete a form with your pertinent details, put down a refundable $250 deposit, and schedule a time to speak with a GG2P representative. We like to speak with everyone before they embark on their first trip with Girls’ Guide to Paris & Beyond. This allows you to ask any questions or voice any concerns you may have. These are intimate, small group trips; a quick yet personal conversation allows you to get to know how our trips work and make sure it’s right for you. If it’s not, we’ll immediately refund your $250 deposit.

If it’s a Go! after your call, we’ll bill you for 25% of the trip’s cost (less the $250 deposit you already paid) and your place is reserved. This is non-refundable; you’re committed to the trip. The balance is due approximately 2 months before the trip.

Our cancellation policy is here.

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