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exteriorchezimogeneChez Imogène
25 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud
75011 Paris 01 48 07 14 59

I remember one of my first experiences with crêpes in Paris. I was with two girlfriends after class in the Les Halles area and was craving a snack. We went to a random sandwich shop that also did crêpes. I ordered a simple ham and cheese crêpe to go.

photo via trip advisor

photo via trip advisor

Just by weight I knew something was WRONG. You don’t have to be from Brittany or Normandy to know that a crêpe or galette (which is the buckwheat version for salty fillings) shouldn’t be heavy like meatball sub or thick like an American pancake. It was one of the most disgusting things I’ve EVER tasted in my life.

Besides the terrible ones, there’re obviously a lot of good crêpes in Paris to be had as well as mediocre ones. One excellent crêperie, Chez Imogène, is located near Place de la République in the 11th.

First Impressions

interiorchezimogeneThis place is tiny so reservations are a MUST. I know I know, it’s a crêperie, but the good ones fill up fast so don’t think you can just stop by unannounced. Although a bit cramped, the place is really well-lit and welcoming. The hostess/waitress and the chef are gracious and friendly. The clientele is a mix of local Parisians and foreign tourists.

The Food

crepeinsideshotlentileI opted for a Lentil, Morteau Sausage, Comté Cheese, and Onion Confit Galette to begin with. When it came I thought, shoot I shouldn’t have eaten breakfast…it was HUGE…and incredibly tasty. The lentils were cooked to perfection, plump and moist. The melted Comté (con-tey), a hard and mildly sweet cheese made from unpasteurized cow’s milk, was divine and the Morteau (morh-toh) sausage was delicious! This thick’n’hearty sausage uses only pork from the Morteau region in Eastern France. It’s definitely one of the more tasty sausages out there. The galette itself was also very good. Thin and delicately crisp with just the right amount of elasticity, it completely won me over. Because everything was done with finesse and the galette itself was very fine, I actually had room for dessert thank goodness.

smalldessertcrepeI chose a traditional crêpe with Salted Caramel and a scoop of Vanilla ice cream. Simple and effective, this one is made to please. Once again here the consistency of the crêpe itself had a tug that attested to the freshness of its dough. The salted caramel was also excellent, neither too sweet nor thick.

The Verdict

photo via Chez Imogène website

photo via Chez Imogène website

This place didn’t blow my socks off or anything like that, but it was damn good…good enough to come back! Friendly service, warm setting, great crêpes with fresh ingredients…this is pretty much all I look for in a traditional crêperie. So if you’re in the République area, truly don’t hesitate and give this small joint a try!

Price : set menus LUNCH (galette + side salad + crêpe + beverage): 10.50€ or 14€


Chez Imogène

About the Author: Fooled one too many times by tourist traps, Paris for Epicureans scours the city hunting out restaurants worth your time and money.  Fabulous, so-so, flat out bad, she tells it like it is! Photos taken by Paris for Epicureans unless noted.


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