Cancellation policy

What’s your cancellation policy?

Because of our up-front costs organizing the trips and pre-paying hotels and other vendors, we can’t give you a refund if you change your mind or your plans change. This policy is the only way we can maintain the small group size and luxurious level of service we provide. If you’re worried about your plans or circumstances changing, you should consider buying trip insuranceas soon as you put your deposit down. (See our trip insurance page here or buy your own insurance from a trusted source).Trip cancellation insurance as well as medical and evacuation coverage (see below) is highly recommended for everyone.

In the highly unusual event that Girls’ Guide to Paris has to completely cancel a trip, we will refund all payments. If a trip needs to be rescheduled for safety, health or other reasons beyond our control (the 2020 coronavirus being a good example), we will make every effort to reschedule the trip to dates that suit everyone.


If you put a deposit on a trip and it doesn’t go due to health related Covid concerns you will get a total refund. If it’s postponed, we will make every effort to make the new date work for all involved. If you cannot make the new date proposed, you can use your deposit towards any other trip we have on offer in 2021 or 22. If nothing at all works for you, then in most all cases we offer a total refund especially after we resell your spot. We are trying to make it easy and worry-free for people to book during these difficult and uncertain times. Obviously we hope and pray that 2021 will be a much different year than this year. Either we’ll have the virus under control or we’ll have a vaccine and/or good treatments widely available. In case that doesn’t happen, god forbid, we have these fall back options stated above. As of July 2020, France and most all of Europe as well as all of the other places we are traveling to have gotten the virus pretty much under control and are in much better shape than we are in the United States. Once we head in the right direction in the US, other countries will begin letting us in. Keep the faith, stay positive and Wear Your Mask!