Pilates: Getting a Workout in Paris

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Pilates is a great way to work out in Paris

They say that in Paris you walk so much that you lose weight and don’t need to do sports anymore, but for many, a workout in Paris is essential. I have not yet met this Mr. They, but I can tell you that even as the kilos melt away, a bit of firming and toning is a good thing, especially after your morning croissant. And all that walking in stiletto heels—well, let’s face it, my knees hurt, my back hurt and I needed help. Yoga was murder on my feet (see stilettos, above), so my friends recommended a solid dose of Pilates for getting back to a workout in Paris.

Fun with Pilates in Paris

I started looking for classes and immediately happened upon CoreBody, a tiny place just a block from my home. The size of the classes was small, with a maximum of six people, and the teachers were all exceptional pros, some of them with fantastic stories to share, like the ex-Lido dancer from Ireland. And I really liked taking the duo classes with my friend so we could suffer together.

Pilates keep you fit and firm in Paris

Recently, Rituel opened, and I love the space. It offers all kinds of classes, including bar, which might appeal to any dancers reading this. The main studio is capped with a beautiful, kaleidoscope-like dome on multicolored glass, and the space is large and airy, with even more room upstairs. I can’t mention any names, but I’ve personally seen a few superstars taking classes here, too, which shouldn’t matter, but somehow it does. Especially the internationally renowned, drop-dead gorgeous ones you hope to look like when you grow up. Rituel has the added benefit of offering one of the few comprehensive Gyrotonic programs in Paris.

Rituel: A beautiful place to work out in Paris

Rituel: A beautiful place to work out.

For a simple mat class, nothing could be easier than dropping by Atelier Marais. But beware: it is on the rue Charlot, so you’ll have to promise yourself to save the window-shopping as a reward for having enjoyed your workout in Paris.

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Atelier Marais

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