Best Meals in Paris with Kelly Page

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Kelly in her home state of California via the Misadventures of Andi Blog

Some of the best meals in Paris that I’ve had, and certainly some of the most memorable were with my friend and former food writer Kelly Page. I just saw her yesterday and in her honor I wanted to go over some of her classic and still very much in demand posts about restaurants in Paris and travel in France that are still hot, hot, hot. She lived there for a year or more back in 2012 & 13 and while she did she wrote for Girls’ Guide.

Kelly taking at class at Cook'n with Class

Kelly taking at class at Cook’n with Class Photo via Kelly’s first blog, Page in Paris

She is a foodie’s foodie – this gal eats, plans, cooks and thinks about gourmet food, healthy food, French food, and great wine 24/7 – she even dreams about it! And what’s really annoying is she’s bone thin. But despite that she and I remain great friends and yesterday we hit up some yummy foodie haunts in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Kelly Page's blog is Tasting Page

Kelly Page’s blog is Tasting Page

She’s got a blog too that you should check out. She covers gastronomy and wine around the world and back, plus her recipes are really wonderful.

Hunting for truffles and mushrooms in Napa with Kelly.

Hunting for truffles and mushrooms in Napa with Kelly.

This was from a truffle event we went to together in Napa. OMG, I’ve never eaten more truffles.

Kelly navigates Paris

Kelly navigates Paris

This is Kelly on how to navigate Paris via a Velib bike, as well as figuring out just how to rent them.

Stomping on crab in Paris

Stomping on crab in Paris

Here’s a piece she did on a really fun crab resto in Paris where casual is key.

Amazing food and wine in Burgundy

Amazing food and wine in Burgundy

This was from a wine tasting trip and food-binging experience we had in Burgundy together. You can use it as your weekend guide to Burgundy.

The very cool Le Mary Celeste

The very cool Le Mary Celeste

Kelly has been on top of what is cool for a long while now. This is her review from Le Mary Celeste from when they first opened. They are included in my Paris Cocktails book and are one of the primo places to get not only great eats and small plates but killer cocktails!

Supremely delicious white fish at Bones.

Supremely delicious white fish at Bones.

Another amazing meal had with Kelly at Bones, a superb resto in the 20th with an Aussie chef.


Salmon mousse is parfait for easy but fancy looking appetizers

Let me leave you with this refreshing recipe that Kelly created for early summer. Having good friends who like to eat, drink, travel and discover like you do is something that I thank God for everyday.


Tasting Page

Kelly’s fomer Blog, Page in Paris

Kelly’s instagram

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