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french food guide

Food Books & Websites

Clotilde’s Edible Adventures,
by food blogger Clotilde Dusoulier

Hungry for Paris, by Alexander Lobrano

Knopf MapGuides Paris


Time Out


Food Blogs

Chocolate & Zucchini
By Clotilde Dusoulier

David Lebovitz
Formerly of Chez Panisse. His food blog is THE best.

Alexander Lobrano
Lobrano is the longtime restaurant reviewer for Gourmet magazine in Paris. Everything he writes on food is interesting.

Dorie Greenspan
Cookbook author and Bon Appetit contributor who lives in NY, CT and Paris – we all want to be Dorie!

Meg Zimbeck and Barbra Austin started a wonderful site full of food porn called Paris by Mouth with contributions from Patricia Wells, Dorie Greenspan, Alexander Lobrano and more.

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