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Who is Doni Belau? Who is Doni Belau? An inveterate traveler, I’ve been to nearly 70 countries (and counting). I come alive when I travel, when I’m exploring, and when I’m seeing, tasting and feeling something new. I love to help other women experience this sensation as I truly feel it helps us see a larger world of possibilities within ourselves. Girls’ Guide to Paris & Beyond is an invitation to travel with me to explore another part of the world while we explore another part of ourselves.

Before Girls’ Guide, I had a long career in television production, stayed at home when my kids were young (and am grateful for that), then tried to make a difference in the not-for-profit arena and politics. I started a not-for-profit in South Africa helping kids in a Capetown township with HIV – one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

I hail from Nebraska, but I’ve lived most of my adult life in New York. 20 years ago, we bought our first home in France; I’ve been trying to live there full-time ever since. However I’m lucky enough to divide my time between Paris, Bordeaux and New York thanks to a gracious husband.

I’m obsessed with food…gourmet Michelin star level meals to aligot at a street fair. I relish finding that unique place with a chef who really cares what he or she is putting on the plate. Plus, I’ll try anything once. Weirdest foods sampled to date: frogs legs (very good~), escargot & foie gras (duh!), eland and zebra (in Africa), fermented shark (in Iceland – GROSS) and fried grasshoppers (tasty!).

I’ve been a brunette and a blond and blond is better! I try to stay fashion conscious but sometimes I just have to throw on the mom jeans. I believe in the motto “Never act your age!”. Oh, and I’m obsessed with gardens and flowers.