Rodin in Philly

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Rodin in Philly

IMG 3349 1 - Rodin in PhillyAuguste Rodin is my favorite sculptor of all time. I simply adore going to the Hôtel Biron in Paris with its vast collections of Rodin’s, its my all-time favorite museum especially the outdoor park and little café in back…its a delicious way to spend an afternoon.
IMG 3286 - Rodin in PhillyWhile Philadelphia is only two hours from NYC where I reside for more than half the year, the fact that I’d never been to the Rodin museum in Philly until recently is embarrassing. Without flying to France here you can find the largest collection of Rodin’s outside of Europe.
IMG 3282 - Rodin in PhillyLocated right next to the Philadelphia museum of art, it’s a treasure trove of awe inspiring works in bronze, marble and plaster and unlike the museum in Paris, it was designed especially for the collection by neoclassical architect Paul Cret, a Frenchman of course.
IMG 3281 - Rodin in PhillyI was grateful that I finally had the chance to enjoy this picture perfect place last weekend when in town for one of my Paris Cocktails book events.
IMG 3278 - Rodin in PhillyIt took a movie theatre owner and Philadelphia based philanthropist, Jules Mastbaum to amass the large collection and give this magnificent museum, his collection and the gorgeous building to the city as a gift in 1929.
IMG 3293 - Rodin in Philly
IMG 3340 1 - Rodin in PhillySadly he never got to see his work realized, as he died three years before. They ask for a contribution of $10 when you enter but it’s not mandatory and if you cannot afford it you can view this gorgeous place for free.
IMG 3295 1 - Rodin in Philly IMG 3329 1 - Rodin in Philly
IMG 3334 1 - Rodin in Philly
I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

IMG 3333 1 - Rodin in Philly

This mold of Rodin’s hand was taken just a few days before he died by one of his students. The student added the miniature sculpture that Rodin’s hand is holding as a tribute.

Rodin’s Biography
IMG 3292 - Rodin in PhillyRodin Museum Philadelphia
IMG 3335 1 - Rodin in Philly

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