Deck the Halls with Paris!

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Deck the Halls with Paris!

paris drawing - Deck the Halls with Paris!

Gorgeous Sketch via Instagram @idreamofjeanne inspired by a stunning photo from @aparisianmoment

Tis the season…deck the halls and all those things. Actually lets take deck the halls. Well when I was young that was favorite part of Christmas and it still is, getting the house ready for the holidays. But this year, do you think us Francophile-types can Deck the Halls with Paris? That’s my personal challenge.
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Why not cover your tree with Eiffel Towers?

Decorating is so much fun, getting out all of those old ornaments, remembering our trips and new ornaments we’d buy the kids each year when they were tots. Each year I like to try to put a new spin on greenery and decorations around the house. Since I can’t seem to stay put we have decorations spread around here and yonder, the biggest lot collected over many years is in storage, the mother-load that is.
brooklynxmas - Deck the Halls with Paris!

A Brooklyn Christmas look via @EvodieOfficial on Instagram (this is her place in Montmartre, a bobo part of Paris)

I have a kind of cool, urban collection of vintage hipster xmas decor in Brooklyn, and stuff bought in a rush at our places in France for Christmas’ kind of thrown together a bit last minute, but I have always managed a tree no matter where we’ve been. This year we are heading off to a French destination, Guadeloupe. A palm tree with lights?I have done that once before but I think I’ll do a mini-tree here in Brooklyn before-hand.
Traditional French Christmas decorations style ideas 15 - Deck the Halls with Paris!

We did the live Christmas tree thing several times, once in Bordeaux at our house near there and planted it in the garden after feeling terribly earth friendly. Photo via

Once you’ve got the whole place done up, wherever you are in the world and whatever you might be celebrating; Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or Christmas then we’ve got the get-togethers to discuss.
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This is what they do in Paris on the last night of Hanukkah, isn’t it gorgeous?

‘Tis the season for soirées, tree lightings, the last night of Hanukkah candle lightings, spin the dradle, egg nog, holiday cheer, holiday photos, hopping in the car to see which of your neighbors won the holiday lighting contest and the dreaded office Christmas party and that guy who insists on having the 5th tequila, please do me a favor and don’t be that guy or gal.
rtowerlast - Deck the Halls with Paris!

Insert an Eiffel Tower here and there in your displays….its add the right touch don’t you think?

Here’s hoping that you can bring a touch of French-ness into your program whatever it may be. Please share with us on Facebook your traditions, and your special decorations this year especially those of you who hail from beyond the US, its so much fun for me to hear about everyone’s celebrations. I believe we should all relish the magic of our differences because in the end its not precisely what we are celebrating is it? Its about getting together, sharing a hug, a small gift and a bite or two with friends and family and remembering what’s important – in that, we are all the same. Here’s wishing you and yours a warm and wonderful holiday season.
il 570xN.801541527 iwqf - Deck the Halls with Paris!

Here’s a cute and inexpensive way to add Paris to your holiday decorations….take some old Paris Postcards and either hang them on the tree or paste them onto cardboard or wood and frame them with a little tinsel ribbon then hang them up around the house. You can buy this one on Etsy by clicking on the photo.

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P.P.S. Its’ still not too late to order several copies of Paris Cocktails for everyone on your list!

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