The Paris Food Truck Craze

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The Paris Food Truck Craze


paris s 11 greatest food trucksthrillist - The Paris Food Truck Craze

The mozza bar truck, photo via

Starting just a few years ago, Paris quietly stepped into the food truck revolution. Camion qui Fume (the smoking truck) serving California style hamburgers was the camion that started it all. People began queuing for hours for the chance at having a bite of a juicy “American” style burger. Soon enterprising expats and French alike began to set up their own Paris food trucks offering Parisians the chance to eat standing up (a completely un-French thing to do) and sample interesting unique bites at reasonable prices. This post is an excerpt from our newly released EAT Paris e-guidebook that we’ve been working on for what seems like years. But you can download it – today!
76430584 p - The Paris Food Truck Craze

The truck that started it all, Camion qui Fume.

Find food truck locations daily at or on their own website or facebook page listed below.
1. Bugelski
Bugelski dishes out pastrami, roast beef and turkey sandwiches on a bagel.
2. Caravane Dorée
Sandwiches for the gal on the run.
3. Cantine California
Burgers and tacos are on the menu at the Marché Raspail.
BOITE DELIVERY2  - The Paris Food Truck Craze

Order some empanadas to take away from Clasico Argentinto

4. Clasico Argentino, 52 rue Saintonge, 3éme

Delicious empanadas served up by the Classico Argentino team.
5. Eat My Truck, rue du Moulin Vert, 14éme
Eat My Truck does gourmet hot dogs.
2230161 le camion a pizzas cachejournaldesfemmes - The Paris Food Truck Craze

Making pizzas outside the 104 art center. Photo via Journal des Femmes

6. Camion à Pizzas a Centquatre, 104 rue Aubervilliers 19ème
Perfect pizza stationed outside the art center in the 19th arrondissement.
7. Camion qui Fume, various locations including Madeleine, MK2, Point Ephemere, 9éme
The Paris food truck that started it all. Stand in line for a true American burger.
8. Le Camion Gourmand
Head for farm to table cuisine, truck side.
SFIF Paris Camion Miss Pig 1er - The Paris Food Truck Craze

Miss Pig’s truck, photo via SFIF

9. Miss Pig
Miss Pig focuses on pork, ribs, bbq and the like.
10. Mozza and Co.
What could be cuter than a mobile mozzarella bar on the River Seine for mozzarella obsessed Parisians. (photo at top)
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Mum Dim Sum, YUM!

11. Mum Dim Sum
A scrumptious dim sum truck.
12. Two Girls, One Truck
Two Girls, One Truck wins the best name awards and serves up gourmet cuisine.
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Eat my Truck, another fabulous name!

Caravane Dorée
Cantine California
Classico Argentino

Eat My Truck
Camion à Pizzas a Centquatre
Camion qui Fume
Le Camion Gourmand
Miss Pig
Mozza and Co.
Mum Dim Sum
Two Girls, One Truck
GG2P EAT In Paris Cover e1420824712518 - The Paris Food Truck Craze

EAT Paris e-guidebook

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