The best of Paris 2014

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The best of Paris 2014

paris inside - The best of Paris 2014Happy New Year, Bonne Année et Bonne Santé to all Francophiles the world over. I hope you celebrated in style last night and are set for a stupendous and French-filled 2015. Before we go on to those annoying resolutions where we promise to loose weight, quite smoking, be kinder et al, lets celebrate the best of Paris 2014. Below we give you 30 of our best lists and articles that range from tying a scarf like a Parisian to living like a queen in Monaco. Learn about the weirdest crepe in Paris, the best way to pack, the youngest female chef, the top beaches and the most coveted one, the best anti-aging secret. And so without further adieu…
1. Best place to have a proper French lunch with a view of Notre Dame.
passagedespanoramasphotoviamyprivateconcierge - The best of Paris 20142. Best passages in Paris for shopping, dining and sightseeing.
3. Best dining near the Eiffel Tower.
VogueruStreetStyleParisFashionWeek 23 - The best of Paris 20144. Best methods of tying your scarf, Parisian-style.
5. Best Francophile hot spots in LA, Calif.
6. The best hidden gardens in Paris.
moneyshotnormanhouse copysmall - The best of Paris 20147. Oldest place to stay and dine in Normandy.
8. The best way to pack for Paris.
9. Best Paris dining guide-book.
stiletto - The best of Paris 201410. The best book on being Parisian that was released this year.
111. Best secret steak house in Paris
12. Best spots to picnic in Paris, and chicest way to dine outside.
13. Best and weirdest crepe in town.
pont des arts passerelle des  - The best of Paris 201414. Best Paris Bridges, plus a trip!
15. The best place to eat oysters in France, and stay for the week, beachside.
16. The best way to learn French in France.
17. Best, young female chef in Paris.
saint jean de luz karim saari 1 - The best of Paris 201418. Best places to visit in French Basque country.
19. Best hidden, cozy French bistro.
20. The best French anti-aging secret.
opera house hol gala a - The best of Paris 201421. The best luxury spots in Monaco.
22. The best way to see Paris with a baby.
23. Best French Grandma recipe.
24. The best place to get your French creams and lotions at a discount in Paris.
Hossegor small - The best of Paris 201425. The five best beaches in France.
26. Best way to get your Francophile fix when you are NOT in France.
beynac et cazenac surfrance  - The best of Paris 201427. Best places to hit in the Dordogne region.
28. The best non-French glamor girl who reminds us of Paris. Hint, she made oodles of movies there.
29. Best way to save on your 2015 Paris trip.
60 Postcards Book1 - The best of Paris 201430. The best and sweetest story about a visit to Paris we’ve ever heard.
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