French Countryside Bliss

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French Countryside Bliss

Photos by Georgianna Lane

Looking ahead to late spring and early summer, I hope you’ve begun planning a trip or two to the French countryside. Yes, we sing the praises of Paris, but there is nothing quite like a visit to the quiet lanes of Normandy, Brittany or Alsace, or the Loire villages, during summer. French country gardens, whether a potager at a tiny village maison or a formal château garden, contain the glories of the warmer months.

HonfleurGL1 - French Countryside Bliss

Honfleur, a perfect seaside town in the north.

BlueDoorGL1 - French Countryside Bliss

A blue door in Normandy beckons.

PinkVespaGL1 - French Countryside Bliss

A perfect-in-pink Vespa.

ChateauBrecyGL1 - French Countryside Bliss

A formal garden at a château cools visitors on a hot day.

RoseTreeGL1 - French Countryside Bliss

A glorious-smelling rose tree.

MaisonBlueGL1 - French Countryside Bliss

A half-timbered blue house in Alsace.

PinkChairsGL1 - French Countryside Bliss

Classic French wicker chairs await the terrace crowds.

JardinGL1 - French Countryside Bliss

Can one have too much lavender?

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Georgianna Lane is a magically talented photographer. Enjoy her blog or own one of her photos!

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