Things to Do in Paris: Spring’s Top Treats

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Things to Do in Paris: Spring’s Top Treats

Why love Paris in the springtime? There are too many reasons to count! Here are five things to do in Paris that should make your season.

Things to do in Paris: Picasso Museum court

Picasso Museum court. Photo: Courtesy Musée Picasso.

Reunite with Picasso!
After five solid years of renovation, in June the Marais’s Picasso Museum reopens. Once again, you’ll be able to see the Hôtel Salé, a 17th-century mansion built with a salt merchant’s fortune. Inside, the space given the artist’s work has been doubled, with 450 works on display. From time to time, these will also include some of Picasso’s own collection.
The real news: The remade museum can welcome twice the number of visitors.

Things to do in Paris: Amaryllis Gérard Mulot

Amaryllis Gérard Mulot. Photo: Gérard Mulot.

Macaron and Mille-Feuille Heaven
The delicate amaryllis bloom is known for winter flowering. Perhaps that’s why star pâtissier Gérard Mulot chose the name for his new tearoom. An intimate jewel box, it sits just a block from his flagship pastry shop. The chic modernist setting is perfect for his classics: sumptuous chocolate cakes, macarons and the best mille-feuilles in Paris (for my money, also the best fruit tarts).
The real news: Délice de Ninon, a light almond-flavored confection with crème Chiboust and syrup of peach.

Things to do in Paris: The glasshouse, Parc Zoologique de Vincennes

The glasshouse, Parc Zoologique de Vincennes. Photo: FG Grandin/Mairie de Paris.

Eco-Elegance with Fabulous Flowers
The Parc Zoologique de Paris at Vincennes shut in 2008 to undertake a vast renovation. The aim was to create a 21st-century landmark and the result, millions of euros later, is impressively grand. Its centerpiece is a giant, 13,000-square-foot glasshouse, in which flora and fauna will dwell in a natural setting. “Every zoo stereotype has been left behind,” promise the proud proprietors. It’s open from April 12.
The real news: Inside this colossal creation, the temperature will stay identical to that of Madagascar. Enjoy an instant vacation!

Things to do in Paris: Carreau du Temple

Carreau du Temple. Photo: Emilie Chaix/Mairie de Paris.

Architectural Heaven
Another iconic Paris spot is the Carreau du Temple, a graceful iron-and-glass market from 1863. It was built on that spot where the royal family was held during the Revolution. The structure by Jules Mérindol is so beloved that its renovation took place by public demand. Three years later, the results are well worth it as, from April 25, you’ll see for yourself.
The real news: Renovated on two levels, the new Carreau includes sports facilities and an auditorium. Look for it to host art fairs, fashion shows, concerts and exhibitions.

Things to do in Paris: Paris en Images

Detail of print, Paris en Images/Parisienne de Photographie/all rights reserved.

Perfect Pictures of Paris
The company La Parisienne de Photographie is in charge of digitizing the city’s photographic heritage. Checking out its website has been open to the public but not so, of course, reproducing its images. Now, it has created a special collection of prints to buy called Paris en Images. It’s searchable by subject, arrondissement or photographer.
The real news: You’re free to choose from 50,000 goodies and a simple print costs just €20 (a framed one is €50).

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