French Fashion for the Holidays

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French Fashion for the Holidays

Claudine Ivari PE2013 3 460 - French Fashion for the Holidays

Photo: courtesy Claudine Ivari.

French Iranian, and Parisian-born, this intriguing designer is quickly becoming known all over the French fashion and luxury scene. Claudine Ivari‘s designs are composed of all that is feminine and fine, with an acute attention to detail, to create garments that are infinitely stunning, intricately designed, veritably couture and most definitely on the defining edge of luxury. Her Spring/Summer 2013 collection is her seventh collection and the sixth time she has held a show at Paris Fashion Week. Her enterprise is the pride of her family, and every season you can see her three sisters working at, or in, her fashion shows.

Claudine Ivari PE2013 6 - French Fashion for the Holidays

Photo: courtesy Claudine Ivari.

Claudine Ivari has certainly triumphed so far in her fashion endeavors. Held in her opulent showroom just steps from the Arc de Triomphe, her show is always packed with more and more journalists, bloggers, buyers, clients and fashion fans who are catching on to the waves she creates in the Paris realms of la mode. Gala calls her creations “poetic” and “fresh,” calls her gowns “sumptuous,” says her work “breathes a femininity simple and sensual” and modemonline says her work is “in the purest tradition of luxury.” Rich with her studies in art history, in addition to a degree in business and another in fashion design from ESMOD, she creates a line that has a recognizable style from one collection to the next, but finds a renewed seasonal artistic inspiration that defines each one distinctly, and which shows off an incredible understanding of le beau in addition to an immense talent bursting beneath all those perfectly woven threads.

Claudine Ivari PE2013 5 - French Fashion for the Holidays

Photo: courtesy Claudine Ivari.

The Spring/Summer 2013 collection is inspired by the Colombian-born textile artist Olga de Amaral and has brought that inspiration into a world of sheer elegance and pure femininity. The delicate weaves of luxury fabrics, the jealousy-inducing perfection of the cut and shape of each piece, the flowing layers of fine silks, the minute details of beaded embroidery—all are evidence that Claudine Ivari has everything it takes to become one of the pillars of French couture and fashion.
Dramatic plunging necklines above elegant structured silk pleats or loose and swinging layers that gives the gait an airy sensual appeal to make all the gentlemen turn their heads; shimmering tweed minishorts and perfectly cut short dresses embellished with fine embroidered beading that offer a close-to-scandalous vision of legs while retaining a proper ladylike elegance above them; dramatic gowns that could be the envy of all the actresses at a Hollywood red-carpet event: these are the mere basics of the Ivari wardrobe for next spring.

Claudine Ivari PE2013 4 460 - French Fashion for the Holidays

Photo: courtesy Claudine Ivari.

With a cut that moves from structured to fitted to flowing, and textiles that range from tweed to embroidery to airy muslin, and a palette that runs from powder pink to Klein blue with touches of gold and silver throughout, this collection speaks to the desire for warmth and light, light weight and purity. The golden light of summer exudes from the spirit of her work, and she has created for yet another season a flawless collection.
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Claudine Ivari
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