Sexy Hotel Rooms in Paris

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Sexy Hotel Rooms in Paris

A spontaneous weekend in a sexy hotel room in Paris makes for the perfect romantic holiday. If you are looking to reinvigorate your relationship, rekindle a lost romance or fan the flames of a newly burning one, the City of Light is, and has been for years, one of the most romantic destinations in the world.
Let’s face it: when you get a woman out of her home or apartment and into a hotel, she feels more relaxed. The list of to-dos vanishes. She can focus on putting on an outfit that makes her feel sexy. Having to think about only where to go to dinner is a luxury. She has time outside life’s usual obligations for a little romance. When you add in the idea that the bed will be made by someone else, and that coffee and croissants will be delivered to her door, she’s now getting closer to heaven.

maisonchamps - Sexy Hotel Rooms in Paris

Maison Champs Elysées.

So what are the sexiest bedrooms in Paris for your romantic stay? For an artsy girl, nothing beats the intriguing rooms designed by Martin Margiela at the Maison Champs Elysées, near the Grand Palais. One room even has a mirror on the ceiling and a gigantic TV for postcoital cocooning.
pavilliondela2 - Sexy Hotel Rooms in Paris

Pavillon de la Reine.

If you’re with a shopper who has to be in the Marais, I’d suggest turning to the Pavillon de la Reine. First of all, any place with “queen” in the title is a good start. The recent redesign of the hotel gives it a more clandestine, zen-meets-boudoir ambience. A suite here with high ceilings and plush robes, added to the hotel’s signature courtyard entrance, would be just right for me.
Chambre 2 St James ParisbyBambi Sloan 460 - Sexy Hotel Rooms in Paris

Saint-James Paris.

The “crazy chic” rooms designed by Bambi Sloan at the Saint-James Paris might fit the bill for the frisky gal who wants to stay holed up in the rooms of a château for the weekend, barely coming up for air. When you do finally come out of your room, brunch outside in the garden, with the sun shining, is just the ticket to replenish yourselves.
recamier3 - Sexy Hotel Rooms in Paris

Hôtel Récamier.

The Hôtel Récamier was named after Madame Récamier, who practically invented lounging around on a chaise longue. Need we say more? The hotel is one of the only places in Paris with a view of the Saint-Sulpice Church and the sparkling fountains in front of it. Le Récamier is beautifully decorated and 100 percent chic for the fashionista who wants to step out from her hotel right into a shopping area. The lobby/breakfast room looks like a terribly stylish hideaway. Listening to the bells of Saint-Sulpice as they ring on the hour is as romantic as you can get.
labellehotel3 - Sexy Hotel Rooms in Paris

La Belle Juliette.

The new Belle Juliette hotel, located in Saint-Germain, conjures up images of a wonderful weekend. You can start in the colorful bar Talma with a coupe de champagne to get things rolling. Then go for a jet lag–curing spa treatment in the lovely in-hotel spa. Next, retire to your beautifully decorated room for a rest and some cuddling with your beau, and soon you’ll be ready to take on the streets of Paris!
fontaines - Sexy Hotel Rooms in Paris

Hôtel Fontaines du Luxembourg

Hôtel Fontaines du Luxembourg is the perfect fit for the budding romance. Are you on a tight budget and can’t quite afford this trip to Paris but also can’t bear to stay somewhere that makes it look like you’re pinching pennies? Then check out this eclectic and artistic little hotel by the Luxembourg gardens. After triping you can relax in the charming lobby and read the right kind of book to put you in the mood. Many rooms are under 200 euros per night, so you’ll have some euros left to splurge on a night at the Opéra.
relaissulpice 440 - Sexy Hotel Rooms in Paris

Le Relais Saint-Sulpice.

Le Relais Saint-Sulpice, right around the corner from the Saint-Sulpice Church, makes me feel as if I’ve stepped into 1935 Paris. I find myself wondering if Kiki de Montparnasse is staying in one of the neighboring rooms. Just because you aren’t spending 500 euros a night doesn’t mean you can’t have a romantic French experience. The period furniture and small rooms here ooze charm. The location cannot be beat.
Whatever your pocketbook dictates, the perfect Parisian romantic weekend can be had. Each hotel above offers Girls’ Guide to Paris members something special. That might be free breakfast, a bottle of wine or champagne, a room upgrade or 10 percent off the bill.
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Editor’s note: The Belle Juliette, the Maison Champs Elysées and the Saint-James Paris were recently included on Condé Nast Traveler’s hotel hot list 2012. All of the reviewed sexy hotel rooms in Paris will give Girls’ Guide Travel Club members a special deal.

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