Fixer-Uppers in France

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Fixer-Uppers in France

Recently an e-mail about French real estate entered my inbox, and since I’m such an impossible real estate addict, I just had to take a look. I’m still amazed by the unbelievable deals you can get in France if you are willing to do a bit of work. My guess is that most of these can be done up with 100–150,000 euros, and if you are handy yourself, you should be able to get away with fixing them up for a lot less. We have friends with a place near ours in the Bordeaux area who did most of the fixing up themselves, hiring plumbers and electricians when the renovations got above their heads. Yes, it took them longer to finish, but their house is lovely and new on the inside; outside it’s French limestone and looks ancient. It has been worth all the wait and the work.
Here are some recent examples on the market now.
French Real Estate sold house in Duras
This one is 123,000 euros and can be lived in as is. It’s located near Duras, in the Dordogne, which is a beautiful region of France with rolling hills of sunflowers.
A house in Brittany
Here’s a tiny house in Brittany, but it’s going for under 40K, and you don’t have to do any work.
A house in Brittany
Love the stone and the green shutters on this one in Brittany, for 54,500 euros.
A house in Brittany
Also in Brittany, and only 28,000 euros, this house practically begs for a facelift. Think how much shutters would add to the curb appeal.
Cottage in Auvergne
How cute is this cottage in the Auvergne region, with a very nice garden? Under 100K.
House in Burgundy
A house in Burgundy
In the Burgundy region, this one screams cozy for under 80K. And the interior is in good shape.

This one is entirely renovated but needs you to add in the charm. It’s only 90K.
A house in the Midi-Pyrénées region
In the Midi-Pyrénées region, here is one that is totally renovated. The half-timbered building and the landscaping are calling my name. It’s 235,000 euros—that’s $308,000—and there are four bedrooms.
A home in Aveyron
This one needs a total renovation, but you’re starting at only 27K. The Aveyron region is stunning, a secret that is quickly being discovered by international buyers.
A house in the coveted Languedoc region
Here’s a house for 70,000 euros, with most of the work done, situated in the coveted Languedoc region. I’d suggest redoing the kitchen, but you don’t have to take care of that immediately.
A house in Eymet
Just don’t tell me that you can’t afford to live in France. This one is renting out for 420 euros per month in the spectacular town of Eymet, a picture-perfect medieval village.
And if you want to take a look in Paris, be prepared to pay a lot more, but deals can still sometimes be had. See a map of all English-speaking agents in Paris.
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