Fashion at Roland Garros: The 2011 French Open

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Fashion at Roland Garros: The 2011 French Open

french open - Fashion at Roland Garros: The 2011 French Open Ralph Lauren sunglasses Ralph Lauren stretch cotton warm-up pant Ralph Lauren Susi stretch polo Ralph Lauren stretch fleece warm-up jacket Ralph Lauren organic large tote Ralph Lauren stretch flounce skort Ralph Lauren stretch racerback polo Ralph Lauren microfiber sporting skort

We are really enjoying the excitement of the 2011 French Open (a.k.a. the Roland Garros). This prestigious tripnament was named for the famous French aviator and reconnaissance pilot from World War I.
If you want to be in true Paris fashion on the court, you can’t go wrong with the fresh, classic look of white from Ralph Lauren. And it’s all on sale! This year is the 110th edition of the French Open, and the second Grand Slam event of the year. If you can’t get to Paris for this spectacular sports spectacle, tune into the action on the Roland Garros website.
Stretch racerback dress
Shield sunglasses
Stretch cotton warm-up pant
Susi stretch mesh polo
Stretch fleece warm-up jacket
Microfiber sporting skort
Organic large tote
Stretch flounce skort
Stretch racerback polo

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