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Paris Cocktails: Paris Pub Crawl

I always felt for Kevin Costner, being left on the cutting room floor from the smash hit The Big Chill back in 1983. But hey, he did ok for himself… More >>


French Wines: Château Doisy-Daëne Sauternes 2007

With the propensity of les Français to pair their wonderful French wines with their delectable cuisine, is the so-called French paradox really a myth? I’m referring to the observation that the rate of coronary heart […] More >>


French Wines: Françoise Bedel Entre Ciel et Terre Brut Champagne

What French wines best describe you? For me, it’s champagne. It’s not that I have such a sparkling, bubbly personality; rather, I’m always ready to celebrate any occasion but typically disappear before the […] More >>


French Wines: Pierre Boniface Apremont 2012 Vin de Savoie

I owe the crux of my education in French wines to two men: Guillaume and Laurent, the French Bert and Ernie of an upscale wine and cheese shop in Los Angeles. Guillaume was the wine expert: the shorter of the two […] More >>


French Wines: 2011 Vignoble Réveille Climax Côtes du Roussillon

If ever a Wild West existed for French wines, it would be the Languedoc-Roussillon. Every French wine region has a set of standards to which it must adhere—the French do love their regulations, don’t they? More >>


French Wines: Château le Coteau 2008

My love affair with French wines began with Bordeaux. Having swallowed enough boxed pink plonk in college, I eventually graduated to supermarket screw-cap wines. When I began my Wall Street career […] More >>


French Wines: Bouchard Père et Fils Réserve Bourgogne Rouge 2011

The holidays are a time for food, family and, of course, French wines. Not surprisingly, during this season of giving I can often find myself a bit cash-strapped. For this month, I therefore wanted to choose a […] More >>


French Wines: La Pialade 2007

As much as I am a fan of French wines, I’m also a passionate French fashionista. As we in the wine world began stomping our grapes for the 2013 harvest, models were concurrently stomping down the […] More >>


French Wines: Delamotte Blanc de Blancs NV

Are any French wines as revered worldwide as champagne? Bordeaux and Burgundy may have their fanatical collectors, but it’s the bubbly that gets popped at weddings and New Year’s celebrations, douses […] More >>


French Wines: Brangelina’s Miraval Rosé

Since when did celebrities become interested in making French wines? Perhaps this makes more sense for French celebrities in their home country: from soccer players Matthieu Chalmé and Johan Micoud in […] More >>

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