tea, wine, or cocktails?

The term wine bar can be a little confusing in Paris. All wine bars feature wine, of course, but the bar part is a little more flexible. Some have a counter and tables, and you can show up anytime for a glass of wine and a snack. Others resemble restaurants more than actual bars. In many cases, reserving in advance is imperative. Some are cavistes (retail wineshops), which is good to know if you need a bottle to go. What’s clear is that these bars à vin are among the most fun places to eat and drink in Paris. Here are some of our favorites.

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Tea or Coffee

Sitting down for a cuppa is nearly as popular in Paris as it is in London, but Paris has a different take on the tea salon. Going to a tea salon is not as habitual as it in the UK; here it’s more of a destination experience.

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Wine Bars

Wine bars are the rage in Paris, whether they are natural wine bars, which focus on vin naturel (organic, biodynamic or just natural), or regular wine bars that offer interesting and delicious selections of many wines by the glass or bottle.

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Finally, Paris has caught up with other civilized towns: after years of begging for a properly made martini, drinkers can now order a proper cocktail in an elegant or hip location. Thank you!

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