Shopping in Paris: Accessories make perfect gifts for friends, family and yourself. Plus, let’s face it: they are easy to try on! Note: All establishments that have a pink fleur-de-lis are part of our Girls’ Guide Travel Club collection. They are places where you can receive special discounts, VIP treatment or valuable offers exclusive to Girls’ Guide Travel Club members. Find out more here.



What could be more French than having something designed just for you?

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Jewels and Scents

France is the country that you think of when you think of perfume, the Egyptians may have invented it but the French perfected it. Diamonds are a girls’ best friend…need we say more?

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To make your husband, boyfriend or partner smile? Then come back home with some sexy French little somethings.

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Shoes and Bags

How many shoes or handbags is too many? We’ll never know.

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Unique Shops

While shopping in Paris you will find more shops than anywhere we know that sell only umbrellas or gloves or old perfume bottles. Something about these little boutiques just delights us.

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