The Best Paris Travel Resources

Get a cell phone that works in Europe and make sure your fellow travelers have one, too. You can rent one from Orange in the airport. This makes meeting up infinitely easier, and you’ll be able to call a taxi when you cannot find one.

What’s the Neighborhood Like?

At Pages Jaunes you can see a map or a photo of your building as well as the entire street, or find out where the boulangeries in your neighborhood are located (in French). Google has a somewhat similar option.

Neighborhood Websites

The Marais


Maps and Directions

Use Mappy to map a particular area of Paris, or plot a walk with the Itinerary tool (be sure to select the Pedestrian option).

Transport from the Airports

Taxi Hints

Metro Info

GG2P downloadable walking tours, the best DIY walking tours of Paris on the planet (OK, so we’re biased).

Biking Paris The mayor of Paris shows you how to rent those free or nearly free bikes (Velibs) all over town.

The Universal Currency Converter Services

Official Paris Tourism Office
Nice and informative (not personalized, of course).

Good Sites for Seeing What’s On

Eye Prefer Paris

FNAC Spectacles
In French, but you can figure it out.

Go Go Paris
This is a hip site to find out about the current art, music and restaurants around town.

I Heart Paris
Keeps you up to date on food, drink, fashion, art, shopping and events in Paris.

Paris Voice
This web magazine for English-speaking Parisians is up to date on what to do in Paris.

Secrets of Paris
A blog with a calendar offering some interesting things to do each day.

The Official City of Paris Site
Describes all types of cultural events.

Time Out Paris
Always a great source.

What’s On When
This is helpful for larger events.

Where to Buy Tickets to Events

FNAC is the place—buy online or at one of their many locations throughout Paris.

Other Sites and Blogs Based in Paris and Elsewhere in France That We Enjoy

Here’s a decorating blog based in New York that we adore from a fellow Francophile fille.

If you’re in the south of France, or just need an excuse to go there, food critic and author Rosa Jackson offers much-praised classes and market tours in Nice through her cooking school Les Petits Farcis, and gourmet itineraries in Paris through Edible Paris.

Beth Arnold is a writer extraordinaire based in Paris; she writes for the Huffington Post, Vogue and Salon. We really enjoy her Letter from Paris posts.

Violaine Galland in New York has a site with some cute gifts from Paris, and she also rents out her seven apartments in Paris via her Paris Studios site. We like La Nation.

Paris on Wheels is a wonderful resource for visitors exploring the city by wheelchair. Founded by Derek Guzman, Paris on Wheels offers accessible walking tours, travel itineraries and guide/personal attendant services.

GG2P veteran Meg Zimbeck and our current restaurant reviewer, Barbra Austin, have an excellent site (with many other foodie contributors) called Paris by Mouth.

The folks from Haven in Paris, one of the apartment rental sites we recommend in our hotels section, also has an interesting blog called HiP Paris that we quite enjoy. They do a great job of keeping you in the know.

Check out this informative blog on Paris, written with an eye to history by a charming Canadian couple.

Beth Marlin writes about Paris from an insider’s point of view—you’ll enjoy her Paris stories.

If you find yourself in New York, Gotham Gal is a must-read.

If you are going to Provence or just love the South of France like so many of us do, read Julie Mautner’s Provence Post.

Invisible Paris covers interesting and unusual happenings in Paris.

Visit VINGT Paris Magazine for culture and art in Paris.

Check out The Paris Blog for up-to-the-minute info on all that Paris has to offer.

We love this illustrated blog by a very artistic expat living in Paris.

Visit Maison de Kristine for charming French home decor.

Try a talking dictionary or phrasebook for help on the run, with handy applications for mobile phones and PDAs.

Americans in France has a wealth of resources and practical info for people who want to travel or live in France.

If you are looking for a community guide for expats in Paris or elsewhere, please consult InterNations. Expats is handy for Brits who live in France. For Americans, there’s the Association of Americans Resident Overseas, the Franco-American organization France-Amériques and the American Club of Paris.

O Chateau, Stuff Parisians Like

52 Martinis

Like Home in Paris

La Mom in Paris

Paris Notebook

Parisian Party (This is a wedding planner site.)

A Moveable Beast

Fabulously French

Ann Mah

An American Mom in Paris

David Bacher (a photographer in Paris)

Laurel Zuckerman’s Paris Weblog

Marilyn Z. Tomlins

Annabel Simms: An Hour from Paris