Paris Tour Apps for Your Smartphone

iphoneGirls’ Guide to Paris walking tours are enhanced for your iphone or android phone with maps, text, images and links, and highlight many of the key places in Paris that make a girl weak in her knees. We’ve packaged them in sets that we think you’ll adore. Whether it’s strolling medieval streets, hunting gourmet treats, shopping for just the right souvenir, or uncovering historical treasures we’ve got something for you.

You won’t incur any roaming charges while using our tours; you can download them from home or at the hotel and set off to see Paris without paying anything extra.

All of the DIY (do-it-yourself) walking tours are also available as PDF’s, so if you prefer you can download the files and then print them out instead or save them to your iPad.

Highlights of Paris: Sweets, Shopping and Culture!

Let’s face it: what woman doesn’t love Paris? Would you like to have an insider’s tour of Paris from a female point of view? This app will help you enjoy three distinct areas in Paris that will make any girl (age 18–88) thrilled to be alive.

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Shopping & Sightseeing

Shopping and sightseeing, two of the main reasons you came to Paris, right? These five different tours take you shopping along the ancient streets of the Marais plus St. Germain and Montmartre, leaving time to stop and taste some pastry and relax in a gorgeous square.

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Paris Foodie Walks

Discover one of the most important reasons people continue to trek to the city of light – its incredible food, pastry and chocolate. Explore many of Paris’ most famous and important patisseries, epiceries, boulangeries, chocolate and gourmet gift shops.

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Celebrity Walks

In these two walks, you will explore Paris in the steps of Audrey Hepburn and Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis. The Audrey tour crosses the centre of the city, linking locations from the five films she made in Paris. The Jackie walk lets you explore the fashionable and upscale 16th.

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All illustrations courtesy Fifi Flowers.