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Edgar Hôtel

Edgar Hôtel

Have a seat in the restaurant with a vintage and Scandinavian look, or on the terrasse on a small square, for a moment the whirlwind of Paris has stop... » Read more

Bar in the 2nd Arrondissement

La Chambre aux Oiseaux

La Chambre aux Oiseaux

Adorable cafe with delicious food and friendly staff. The owners Hervé and Léna, have created a space that pays homage to each... » Read more

Cafe in the 10th Arrondissement

La Table du 8

La Table du 8

Tucked away inside the newly renovated La Maison hotel is La Table du 8, a terribly chic table in the 8th Arrondissement. Chef Benoît Hilai... » Read more

Restaurant in the 8th Arrondissement

W.O.S Bar

W.O.S Bar

WOS bar is a fine spirits pub in the 5th that serves delicious fine crafted cocktails, wine and rare spirits, in a friendly atmosphere. A local spot t... » Read more

Bar in the 5th Arrondissement

Flottes O.Trement

There are actually two restaurants at this address. The one you want is not Chez Flottes but Flottes O.Trement, the fashionable, newly renovated brass... » Read more

Brasserie in the 1st Arrondissement

La Régalade Saint-Honoré

If you’ve ever bemoaned the fact that so many great bistros in Paris seem to be in the outer arrondissements, then you’ll be happy to know... » Read more

Bistro in the 1st Arrondissement

Le Comptoir

Le Comptoir was one of the first gastro bistros in Paris. Run by Yves Camdeborde, it may still be one of the most difficult reservations to score in S... » Read more

Bistro in the 6th Arrondissement

Le Mini Palais

Offering modern cooking with global touches in a landmark Parisian setting, Eric Fréchon’s updated brasserie in the Grand Palais is getti... » Read more

Brasserie in the 8th Arrondissement

Les Grandes Tables du 104

What used to be the city’s mortuary is now a cultural center offering a wide range of artistic programs and a restaurant serving global cooking ... » Read more

Restaurant in the 19th Arrondissement


L’Agrume’s Franck Marchesi-Grandi is the latest youngster to open his own place in a low-rent, noncentral part of Paris after paying his d... » Read more

Restaurant in the 5th Arrondissement


With Philou, Chef Philippe Damas (once upon a time of Le Square Trousseau) brings his personal, seasonal cooking to the Canal St.-Martin neighborhood.... » Read more

Bistro in the 10th Arrondissement

Paris Picnic

Paris Picnic started as an idea between an American-expat couple living in France. Katya, Patrick and team partner with artisanal food and wine produc... » Read more

Restaurant in the 3rd Arrondissement