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Meeting the French

Meeting the French

Meeting the French is a travel agency based in Paris that offers a myriad of tourist services from short term apartment rentals to Bed and Breakfast s... » Read more

B&B Folie Oberkampf

Cute guest apartment in the 11th (the owners have two other places for rent), run as a B and B starting at 85 euros per night. Now that’s a barg... » Read more

Bateau Johanna

Bateau Johanna is a boat, close to the Tuileries, with two rooms. Rate for two: 100 euros. Two-night minimum.  ... » Read more

Bonne Nuit Paris

Bonne Nuit Paris will set you up in an ancient building in the Marais, on the wonderful rue Charlot. Rates for two start at 125 euros a night, wi... » Read more

Good Morning Paris

This company has a number of rooms throughout the city (rates range from 38 euros for a single to 75 euros to sleep three).... » Read more

Paris Chic

A lovely B and B for two at 140 euros a night. It’s nicely decorated and situated in a Haussmann-style building near the Champs in the 17th. Try... » Read more

Paris Oasis

Paris Oasis, close to Sacré-Coeur, is 100–150 euros per night (depending on the room) for two. Prices are slightly more for more people, ... » Read more