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With the GO-Card, the most complicated decision of your trip will be what to pack. It’s like having a good friend in Paris to help you plan your trip. Our little black book of resources lets you eat, live, play and stay in Paris- FOR LESS! Watch the video.

For a list of all our Hotels and Apartment rentals in France please Click Here!

For a list of everything else including (Restaurants, Bars, Shops, On-line shopping, Spas, Car services and much more), please Click Here!


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At $75 it pays for itself in one use!

How it works

  • 10-25% discounts from our 250+ handpicked partners
  • VIP access, special gifts and offers from our Paris Insiders List
  • A set of self-guided walking tours, to get you into the Paris Scene!

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We’ve selected only the best hotels for each area, budget and style, AND negotiated exclusive deals on them – in Paris and throughout France.


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gg2p GO-Card members know where to get special finds that have that Parisian je ne sais quoi, and get it for less!


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Get VIP treatment and exclusive discounts while having a truly unique and personalized experience.

Restaurants and Bars

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Want to find a charming restaurant or the perfect wine bar? You’ll know WHERE to go, and get VIP treatment and special deals.


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gg2p GO-Card members head to some of the most luxe spas in Paris for VIP treatment AND discounts!

Transport, Classes and More

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Want to rent a car, take a language or cooking class, or arrange mobile phone service? It’s all here!
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Look how much you can save with your gg2p GO-Card!

Activity One person Couple Family of four
Hotel or apartment rental ($270 per night x 7 nights) $190 $190 $380
Ground Transport or Rental Car (Round Trip) $20 to 40 minimum ** $20 to 40 minimum ** $20 to 40 minimum **
Paris Pass / Museums, Transport, All in one $15 $30 $60
Versailles Behind the Scenes Tour $30 $55 $110
Market Cooking Class $30 $55 $110
Walking Tour Set $30 $30 $30
Galeries Lafayette Shopping trip (10% off purchase plus VIP Room and Personal Shopper) Save $70* Save $135* Save $270*
Total Savings with the GO-Card $405 $535 $1000
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