hotels outside of paris

Looking for a chic hotel or a luxe chateau, simply browse the regions below to find special places for every budget and taste.

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Alps & Haut Savoie

One of the great mountain ranges in Europe. This beautiful area is the highest elevated in France and known for it’s winter sports. Besides skiing, you can also travel to Lake Geneva in the north, it is perfect for water activities in the summer.

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Passed back and forth between Germany and France numerous times, Alsace is one of the more unique areas in France. Some of the best dry rieslings are found here, and it is also the main beer-producing region of France, no doubt some of that German influence!

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Bordeaux, Dordogne & the Southwest

Bordeaux is the winemaking capital but the area is more than just wine. The area is full of charm, from the Atlantic coast, to St. Emilion and the Dordogne, the Lot and the Basque area in the south. You could spend a lifetime discovering it all.

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In the northern part of France, Brittany is unique having been more English then French throughout history. There are walled cities, Chateaux, chic seaside towns, delicious oysters but what is truly unusual is the pink granite coast. .

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Probably best known by it’s main export-wine. But there are many other things to discover in this area, old castles, lovely architecture and of course mustard from Dijon! Many French dishes originated from this area like coq au vin, and escargot.

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Centre and Champagne

Just outside of Paris you’ll find picturesque countryside, perfect for a weekend get-a-way. There is a lot to explore in the “historic heart” of France. For starters  the Champagne region, and Domrémy-la-Pucelle, the birthplace of Joan of Arc.

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Cote D’Azur

In the late 18th century British and Russian royalty started “vacationing” here, and created one of the first modern resort areas. The azure blue of the Mediterranean is the perfect backdrop for working on your tan or also spotting a celebrity or two.

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Loire Valley

A historic and delicious area! Artichoke and asparagus fields, Sancerre wine vineyards, and fruit orchards line the banks of the Loire river. Visit picturesque century old Chateaux (over 300!) or even better, stay in one!

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Normandy home to Le Mont St Michel, the 2nd most visited site in France. The coast is beautiful and the area is known throughout France for fabulous seafood dishes. You won’t find much wine here but their apple brandy, Calvados is delicious!

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Perhaps no region in France is more famous than Provence. The landscaped influenced some of the greatest painters like Van Gogh, Renoir, Monet and Picasso. The local cuisine is unique to the region and influenced by the nearby Mediterranean.

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