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Review: Maison Blanche

It wasn’t until he end of our dinner at Maison Blanche that we went over to the bar and saw the shiver-worthy view of the Eiffel Tower… More >>

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Parisian Roast Chicken

Julie Neis is one of those charming people you meet when you spend a lot of time in Paris as an expat. She’s a tourism pro… More >>

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Le Fooding’s Top Paris Restos

There is something about the phrase Le Fooding that says everything about the current state of French cuisine. Le Fooding started… More >>

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Paris Restaurant Roundup for Fall

This past month I had the great pleasure to try three completely different Parisian restos (the French abbreviation for restaurants) on several consecutive… More >>

gg2p Michelin Star Cordeillan Bages

Michelin Star Cordeillan Bages

Lucky for me, my friend Tristaine who worked with me back in 2011 is now the head of marketing and PR for…. More >>

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Paris Cocktails: Paris Pub Crawl

I always felt for Kevin Costner, being left on the cutting room floor from the smash hit The Big Chill back in 1983. But hey, he did ok for himself… More >>

gg2p Paris Cocktails, the book by Doni Belau   copperbaycloseupbardoni 700x449

Paris Cocktails, the book by Doni Belau

The new book, Paris Cocktails Transports You to the City of Light with Delicious and Creative Cocktail Recipes, and…. More >>

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Best Meals in Paris with Kelly Page

Some of the best meals in Paris that I’ve had, and certainly some of the most memorable were with my friend and former food writer Kelly Page… More >>

gg2p Pop Up Dinners in Paris   shrimp large 700x446

Pop-Up Dinners in Paris

Last Saturday I went to a popup dinner organized and prepared by Foodshootr and Chef Papa Serra Jr. The concept is simple: foodies getting together… More >>

gg2p Gourmet pour la Gourmand   sophie mixed basket 700x449

Gourmet pour la Gourmand

I love a pop-up store, a pop-up restaurant or really a pop-up anything. Don’t you? Something about the impermanence…. More >>

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