eat at home

Even if you are staying in a hotel, there is no reason you can’t put together the fixings for a picnic in Paris and have a nice night of dining in Paris. It’s fun, and it will save you lots of money and get you in touch with some of the best gourmet houses in the city.Note: All establishments that have a pink fleur-de-lis are part of our Girls’ Guide Travel Club collection. They are places where you can receive special discounts, VIP treatment or valuable offers exclusive to Girls’ Guide Travel Club members.Note:  A pink fleur-de-lis signifies GO-Card member discounts of up to 25%.  . Find out more here.



The markets of Paris are a cornerstone of the city’s culture. While most younger Parisians don’t shop at them daily, they are a steadfast activity on the weekends. A trip to Paris without visiting the local market is a terrible mistake.

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In a country that produces over 400 types of cheese, the celebrated fromageries in Paris are more than just places to buy the stinky stuff—these cheesemongers age and refine the cheese they buy from producers around France, often adding special spices or other finishing touches that make their fromage unique.

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Specialty Shops

Epiceries (French for a high-end deli) are shops that sell just spices or oils or baking supplies—if it has to do with food or cooking, you can find it in Paris. Here you’ll also discover a list of places to buy everything for the kitchen, including copper pots from the shop at which Julia Child bought hers.

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