paris culture and art

If you are in Paris Culture for a week or more we suggest listening to some jazz and going to one of the big venues like the Opéra Garnier or Théâtre Champs-Èlysées if there is something playing that you like. Plus, see as many museums as you can fit in.


Paris Dance is an inseparable part of the Paris culture. Paris is the birthplace of ballet, the foundation to most styles of dance. Popularized in the court of Louis XIV which eventually led to the creation of the Paris Opera Ballet.

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This is a very subjective list of our top museums. OK, we’ve left out the Louvre. Yes, it is the biggest museum in the world, and we know you’ll go there if you haven’t already. But it is so big-we always find it overwhelming.

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Music in Paris comes in many different forms, and you can find something to suit anyones age or tastes. Whether it’s jazz which is incredibly popular in France, electronic, rock or pop, hip-hop, gospel, classical, or any other style you can think of.

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Theatre & Film

Our list of theaters goes beyond your typical Parisian theaters and cinemas. We’ve included English speaking theaters, (sometimes it’s nice to take a break from French).

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Monuments & Churches

It’d be silly to come to Paris and skip the Eiffel Tower. But here are a few more places we think you should see too.

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It should be no surprise that there are a never-ending amount of galleries in Paris.The city of light has inspired some of the greatest artists in the past century or more. Even today, artists from around the world still flock to Paris.

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