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Paris Bistro: Le Pharamond, Classic Norman Cuisine

Founded in 1832, Pharamond is a historic restaurant that offers some of the best homemade traditional Norman dishes…. More >>

Hot Paris Restaurants: David Toutain

Recently I had read Meg of Paris by Mouth fame’s fantastic article about 3 star Michelin dining in Paris. I was grateful… More >>

Michelin Star Madame: Le Dame de Pic

For some reason when you put someone up in your apartment, even if they are a dear friend, they insist on taking you out to dinner… More >>

Asian food in Paris

As much as I love it after five straight meals of French food I need a break. I could probably have a croissant every day, although… More >>

Best restaurants in Paris: Clamato

I’ve never had enough luck to get into Septime, every anglo-phone blogger and it seems everyone else’s favorite restaurant in Paris. More >>

Vegan Paris: Sol Semilla

After having had the whole « boho Parisian » trend and the overplayed mojitos shoved down our throats, it’s nice… More >>

French Recipes: A Valentine Meal

Paris is the city of love. What would be more romantic than spending a full week-end in Paris to celebrate Valentine ’s… More >>

Paris Restaurants: Jérémie

I remember him when we were kids and we found each other on the same train platform heading to summer camp. Now that time has passed and we’re older – I heard… More >>

Paris Cafés: La Pascade

I wouldn’t consider Paris to be a sunny city. As a matter of fact, I’d say that it was damn grey! So where to go in times when there just ain’t… More >>

The Paris Food Truck Craze

Starting just a few years ago, Paris quietly stepped into the food truck revolution. Camion qui Fume (the smoking truck) serving California… More >>

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