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gg2p French Recipes: Couscous with Chorizo and Fennel   thumb IMG 4285 340

French Recipes: Couscous with Chorizo and Fennel

France is a cultural melting pot that you can experience firsthand by simply looking at the people and architecture in Paris. You can also taste the ethnic infusion in many French recipes. It may come as a surprise to [...] More >>

gg2p French Recipes: Sautéed Steak with Balsamic Vinegar Reduction   IMG 3564 340

French Recipes: Sautéed Steak with Balsamic Vinegar Reduction

Valentine’s Day can often lead to forced gestures for those not so versed in the romance department. We can blame Hallmark or consumerism for the dread some fear when this holiday approaches. Luckily Parisian [...] More >>

gg2p French Recipes: Salmon Mousse   homepage IMG 2691 340

French Recipes: Salmon Mousse

You can always find a generous selection of seafood in Paris. Most larger marchés will have a range of fish from which to choose, and grocery stores also stock everything from white fish to shrimp, scallops and [...] More >>

gg2p French Recipes: Mushroom Pâté

French Recipes: Mushroom Pâté

’Tis the season for festive soirées and holiday dinners. I love the French cuisine served at this time of year. You might see oysters, foie gras, filet de boeuf and of course bûche de Noël for dessert. Pâté is also [...] More >>

gg2p French Recipes: Tarte Tatin   tarte tatin 200

French Recipes: Tarte Tatin

I like the idea that there are no mistakes in life since you can always learn something from your foibles, and a new path can often be a better one. I’m not so sure this theory is always true when it comes to [...] More >>

gg2p French Recipes: Roast Chicken   roast IMG 9473 200

French Recipes: Roast Chicken

My first apartment in Paris didn’t have an oven. I remember standing in front of the owner, wondering aloud if I could live a year without the ability to bake, brown or roast. She looked at me in disbelief and asked why [...] More >>

gg2p French Recipes: Gougères   IMG 8490 400 200x231

French Recipes: Gougères

My first date in Paris was memorable not just because it was my premier romantic rendezvous with a French man since arriving in the City of Light, but also because of one of the French recipes I would learn and [...] More >>

gg2p French Recipes: Crab Avocado ‘Ravioli’   IMG 7715 thumb 200x150

French Recipes: Crab-Avocado ‘Ravioli’

I will confess that I can get oversaturated with sea foam, spherification and other culinary trickery that often comes out of French kitchens. Sometimes I crave the simplicity some French chefs utilize by letting [...] More >>

gg2p French Recipes: Peach Soup

French Recipes: Peach Soup

There are so many things to like about summer in Paris. The weather (usually) improves, with people shedding layers and raincoats in exchange for summer frocks and sandals. And once the sun is out, the Parisians [...] More >>

gg2p French Recipes: Salade Niçoise

French Recipes: Salade Niçoise

Nothing says summer in France to me like a salade Niçoise. The beautifully constructed salad, featuring the best of the farmers’ market, is the ultimate in French recipes and immediately puts me seaside along [...] More >>

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