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Cat Black

Cat Black is a food writer specializing in chocolate, a sometime chocolate judge and an all-around chocoholic. She is a member of the UK-based Guild of Food Writers. Visit her at Chocolate Couverture and at her Twitter account, @CatBlackChoc. Articles … More >>

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Pikke Allen

Pikke Allen, aka ARTIFICE, travels the time warp between Hollywood and Paris, where she is a writer/blogger/Creative Consultant for both US and French luxury lifestyle brands. Her bobo credentials were earned designing costumes for theatre, film and television. Her passion … More >>

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Renée Kuo

A recovering banker and wine passionista, Renée left her Wall Street career to become a grape-sorting, tank-cleaning cellar rat in Napa Valley in 2011. Currently the general manager at Seven Stones Winery in Saint Helena, California, she also travels the … More >>

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Cynthia Rose

Cynthia first lived in Paris at the age of 16, where she worked at a marionette theatre and helped create a phonetic guide to help Anglophone students order pâtisserie. After university at Newnham College, Cambridge, she found the shortest path back to high heels [...] More >>

gg2p Kelly Page   kellypage

Kelly Page

Kelly Page has worked in marketing for the entertainment industry for the past 15 years, and recently traded the bright lights of Hollywood for the softer City of Light, Paris. She’s taken her food and wine passion to the place … More >>

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Emily Dilling Poulain

At a formative age, Emily Dilling Poulain heard the European lifestyle described as one in which afternoon naps were widely encouraged and the eating of fresh and local foods was a regular practice. Inspired by this description, Emily moved to … More >>

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Doni Belau

Doni owned an apartment in the 6th Arrondissement for years until just recently. A true Francophile at heart, she combs through every guidebook written about Paris, scours every blog and travel magazine [...] More >>

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Jenna-Marie Warnecke

After living in New York for seven-plus years as a video editor, Jenna-Marie Warnecke escaped to Paris to become a writer. She spends her days eating just the right amount of Camembert (a lot) and running Paris Cheapskate, a blog … More >>

gg2p Sylvia Sabes   sylvia sabes bio

Sylvia Sabes

Sylvia writes copy and provides creative direction for international ad agencies that really, really, really want you to buy brand X. She also shops vicariously through others, offering private shopping tours of Paris for collectors of art, antiques, modern design and chocolate. More >>

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