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gg2p Paris Restaurants: Nebbiolo   nebb 200

Paris Restaurants: Nebbiolo

The neighborhood east of Place de la Bastille has its share of good Paris restaurants, and a fair amount of them are clustered around the Marché d’Aligre, a rich source of fresh produce and fine bread, meat [...] More >>

gg2p Paris Restaurants: Le Tourne Bouchon    tourne bouchon 200

Paris Restaurants: Le Tourne Bouchon

There are some places that are so very much a part of my regular routine, it would never occur to me to share them—not out of selfishness but out of mere neglect. And it came to me recently that I have been [...] More >>

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Paris Restaurants: Filakia

There is no shortage of Paris restaurants offering fast food, including a large number of luxury burger joints that have started to pop up all over town, but Filakia has to be one of my newest favorites. Here’s why: I love [...] More >>

gg2p Paris Restaurants: Le Balm    balm 200

Paris Restaurants: Le Balm

Pierrick Mathon is French, and his wife, Kanya, is from Thailand, so it is only natural that when they took over the mechanics shop that had been the historic Boeuf à la Mode (BALM) from 1792 to 1932, they [...] More >>

gg2p Paris Restaurants: Le Tourette   jambon 200

Paris Restaurants: Le Tourette

Tucked on a tiny bit of the rue de Grenelle in the 7th Arrondissement, there was a tiny restaurant facade, “Le Tourette” written across the window, some of the letters in white, others missing, a faint trace leaving a [...] More >>

gg2p Paris Dining: Les Pipelettes    pipelettes 200

Paris Dining: Les Pipelettes

The 14th Arrondissement tends to fall off the Paris dining map, with the 9th, 10th, 11th or the 17th and 18th up north grabbing all the attention with new openings. But it is a charming district just a hop away from the [...] More >>

gg2p Paris Restaurants: Camille   endive 200

Paris Restaurants: Camille

For the past several years, Paris has been getting hipper. Or rather hipster-ier. It is not uncommon to spot bearded young French men, coffee-to-go in hand, wearing plaid as they step up to a counter and order un taco [...] More >>

gg2p Paris Restaurants: Soul Kitchen    soul kitchen 200

Paris Restaurants: Soul Kitchen

When it comes to Paris restaurants, if you’re vegetarian, or simply prefer eating a plant-based diet, sometimes it feels like the options are hard to come by. At best, you can hope for a meatless chèvre chaud at a [...] More >>

gg2p Paris Restaurants: Yen    yen 200

Paris Restaurants: Yen

Japan and France share a love of fashion, graphic novels and fine cuisine, inspiring many young Japanese to come to the City of Light to pursue their passions. Some of them stay and become famous designers [...] More >>

gg2p Paris Restaurants: Au Coin Pasteur    coin 200

Paris Restaurants: Au Coin Pasteur

There is a movement afoot on the Parisian dining scene, changing the balance of Paris restaurants. After a decade of trendy restaurants featuring popular young chefs, fussy ingredients and monthlong [...] More >>

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