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Paris Restaurants: Camille

For the past several years, Paris has been getting hipper. Or rather hipster-ier. It is not uncommon to spot bearded young French men, coffee-to-go in hand, wearing plaid as they step up to a counter and order un taco [...] More >>

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Paris Restaurants: Soul Kitchen

When it comes to Paris restaurants, if you’re vegetarian, or simply prefer eating a plant-based diet, sometimes it feels like the options are hard to come by. At best, you can hope for a meatless chèvre chaud at a [...] More >>

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Paris Restaurants: Yen

Japan and France share a love of fashion, graphic novels and fine cuisine, inspiring many young Japanese to come to the City of Light to pursue their passions. Some of them stay and become famous designers [...] More >>

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Paris Restaurants: Au Coin Pasteur

There is a movement afoot on the Parisian dining scene, changing the balance of Paris restaurants. After a decade of trendy restaurants featuring popular young chefs, fussy ingredients and monthlong [...] More >>

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Paris Restaurants: Shake n’ Smash

All too many Paris restaurants have the problem of being just about the food. Likewise, most Paris bars are just about the drinks and ambience. And plenty of Paris concert halls only care about the music. But what if [...] More >>

gg2p Paris Restaurants: Le Restaurant des Poètes   poetes 200

Paris Restaurants: Le Restaurant des Poètes

Paris restaurants, while revered the world over for their distinctive deliciousness whether traditional or modern, are not typically known for warm and welcoming service. Though I’ve rarely had a rude [...] More >>

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Paris Restaurants: Le Garde Temps

There has been a lot of chatter in Paris and New York about the neighborhood just south of Pigalle. The words ruin and hipsters were thrown about. People were insulted, lengthy articles were [...] More >>

gg2p Paris Restaurants: Le Crabe Marteau   crabe 200

Paris Restaurants: Le Crabe Marteau

Paris restaurants can often take themselves a little too seriously. Service can go from brusque to white gloved. Dining rooms can feel stiff or cramped, and plates can seem too artfully crafted to eat. So sometimes it’s [...] More >>

gg2p Paris Restaurants: Christmas Meals     CielDeParis 6 DessertDuJour 200

Paris Restaurants: Christmas Meals

Christmas in Paris is a spectacular time to truly see the City of Light shine. While beautiful white lights line the streets and frame the store windows, many Paris restaurants close on and around the major [...] More >>

gg2p Paris Restaurants: Café Trama    trama 200

Paris Restaurants: Café Trama

I have a favorite café. It is not really a café; it is a restaurant called Café Trama, and it is right across the street from the studio where I spend my days writing. It only opened a few months ago, and it [...] More >>

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